To Click or Not to Click Buying Travel Online

ggkMany consumers are unsure of whether to use the Internet for researching or buying travel – and if so, when and how. The Internet can be a powerful tool for researching travel. But when you’re ready to buy, the Internet can’t replace the expertise of a trusted travel counselor. Ed Perkins, the consumer advocate for the American Society of Travel Agents and former editor of Consumer Reports Travel Letter, answers some of the more common questions about researching and buying travel on- and offline.

Q: Can I use the Internet to plan a trip?

A: Yes, at least partially. The Internet is great for facts and figures: Thousands of destinations – regions, countries, states and provinces, cities, and park systems – maintain websites. Those sites are great sources for information you need: main features, activities, climate and weather, local transportation, and much more. In fact, your problem is likely to be information overload rather than too little.

But the Internet is seldom able to supply enough depth and detail to allow you to prepare a complete travel plan. You will still probably need

Car Rental Tips

hjlRenting a car can enhance the flexibility of any trip – be it business or leisure. This information explains the process of renting a car and provides some car rental tips and car rental advice.


Ask your ASTA travel agent to help you find the right car rental firm for each trip. Different firms serve different cities throughout the world. A travel agent can save you the time and effort of calling several different companies to find the best rate and car for you. Also, a travel agent may be aware of promotional rates and special programs that may not be advertised to the general public.


Car rental companies generally charge four types of basic rates: a daily rate with a mileage charge; a daily rate with a limited number of free miles per day; a daily rate with unlimited mileage; and a rate that has free mileage over an extended period. Rates vary according to the size and style of vehicle but most firms rent economy, compact, intermediate and deluxe

Advice on Buying Travel Insurance and Travel Insurance Tips

fjjTravel insurance can protect you from substantial losses that result from a variety of situations, including canceled trips, lost baggage, medical emergencies, supplier defaults, as well as other unforeseen circumstances.


There are several general types of consumer travel insurance available. The coverage and limitations of each will vary depending on the insurance company issuing the policy. The following is a brief description of some of the general types of travel insurance.

Trip Cancellation: The most important and common type of travel insurance. Generally covers non-refundable payments or deposits if a trip is canceled or interrupted due to unforeseen circumstances.

Trip Delay: Provides reimbursement for expenses incurred when a trip is delayed.

Accident/Sickness Medical Expenses: Covers costs incurred due to injury or illness that occur while on a trip.

Medical Evacuation/Emergency Transportation: Covers transportation when a medical emergency while traveling requires transportation to a hospital or other medical facility.

Supplier Default: Covers deposits or payments lost due to the financial default of a travel supplier.

Baggage/Personal Effects Loss or Delay: Covers losses due to items lost, damaged or delayed during a trip.


Useful Tips For Business Fliers on Air Tickets to Australia

The fast, vibrant and dynamic cities of Australia – Sydney, Melbourne and Perth to name only three – flaunt thriving business economy as much as they boasts their irresistible tourist attractions. These Australian cities are thriving centres for business, arts and entertainment with a deep rooted cosmopolitan culture and character. The alluring and profitable Australian business market acts as a gateway to international trade and commerce.

Sydney, Perth and Melbourne are surely the epicentre of commerce and finance in Australia. The considerable scale of international business that is conducted here has placed these vivacious cities among the key business centres of the world. Consequently, these cities have ultra modern business districts that remain inundated with throngs of business travellers who head here on air tickets to Australia all year round. This article discusses some important travel tips meant for business travellers booking air tickets to Perth, Sydney or Melbourne.

Travel Tips for Tech-Savvy Business Travelers

• Recharge the equipments like laptops and cell-phones before boarding the flight to ensure hassle free journey.
• Check the Wifi connection and remotely accessed emails to enjoy unperturbed journey.

General Health Tips

• Ensure taking water, decaffeinated and non-alcoholic beverages to avoid jetlag and dehydration.

Tips for Choosing Safe Rest Stops

est areas have been a part of the U.S. Interstate Highway System since its inception in the late 1950s. Travelers in finned Chevrolets and hybrid Toyotas alike pull off at the blue exit signs to stretch their legs and use the bathroom. The first policy statement on interstate rest areas, published in 1958, called them a “safety measure” that would provide “provisions for emergency stopping and resting by motorists for short periods.” Today, some people see rest areas as anything but safe thanks to an increase in crimes like prostitution, vandalism, theft, drug dealing, panhandling, vagrancy and car-jacking at many locations. While this trend is worrisome, rest areas can serve as a safe and convenient pit stop for your family vacation if you follow a few common-sense tips.

As you pull into a rest area, it’s important you remain alert. Take note of the stop’s name or the closest mile marker, so if you have an emergency you can give the authorities your location. Avoid individuals who seem to be hanging around parking lots and restrooms; that’s a good indication he or she is up to no good. It’s also a good idea to stay away from

Enjoy Your Holiday at a Luxurious Vacation Home or a Villa Rather Than Confining Self Into a Hotel

We all love travelling as and when we have time and when we can manage to go out. This is important for each one of us to break the monotony of what we do regularly as well as to rejuvenate our thoughts and mind. After all, we are human beings and when machines need rest after a shift even we have our limits till which we can push ourselves and then there is a possible danger of a breakdown. So prior to something like this happens we should make sure that we take a break and set out on a travel and enjoy our life. So whenever we go out on a vacation we must have noticed that our major expenses go into either the travel and second at the hotel room rents. This is the reason as and when we plan our holiday we immediately for two things first one is to book our travel tickets and second to check out the best possible hotels and their rooms and book them prior to our travel.

This is a wise thing to do to avoid facing any kind of inconvenience and running around as when you are on a holiday it

Frequent travel is damaging to health and wellbeing according to new study

Researchers from the University of Surrey and Lund University (Sweden) investigated how frequent, long-distance travel is represented in mass and social media. They found that the images portrayed do not take into account the damaging side effects of frequent travel such as jet-lag, deep vein thrombosis, radiation exposure, stress, loneliness and distance from community and family networks.

Instead, the study found that those with ‘hypermobile’ lifestyles were often seen as having a higher social status. By assessing how first-class flights, ‘must-see’ destinations and frequent-flyer programmes are represented, glamorising hypermobility as exciting, appealing and exclusive, the study shows how the ‘dark side’ of travel is ignored.

“A man in a sharp suit, reclining in a leather chair, laptop open in front of him, a smiley stewardess serving a scotch and soda. This is often the image of travel, particularly business travel portrayed in TV ads and glossy magazines. But there is a dark side to this ‘glamorised’ hypermobile lifestyle that the media, and society ignores,” explains lead author Dr Scott Cohen from the University of Surrey.

“The level of physiological, physical and societal stress that frequent travels places upon individuals has potentially serious

Book Luxury Cruise Holidays with Luxury Worldwide Collection

If you’ve been thinking about luxury cruise holidays, now is the time to jump and book a vacation with Silversea cruises. Not only will you get a great luxury vacation, you’ll get all of the perks that come along with booking a cruise through Luxury Worldwide Collection. If you’re still a little wary about booking a cruise or if you’re not sure that cruise holidays are for you, here are some reasons why cruises are the best vacations money can buy:

You Get to Visit Lots of Different Places

You do get to visit lots of different places, and you only have to unpack one time. Instead of traveling from place to place on your own, spending most of your vacation on trains and airplanes, having to unpack and repack every time you arrive and then depart again, you get to see lots of different ports and spend most of your day actually exploring a location. Plus, even the time you’re just at sea is fun. There is always something to do on a cruise ship, whether you prefer to sun quietly on a deck or want to shop, eat, watch a movie, and more.

Popular California Vacation Destinations For All Ages

California, is also called the “golden State”, and this wonderful state contains two of the most crowded urban communities in the US, specifically, Los Angeles and San Diego. Obviously, there are a lot of activities to do. California has an assorted geographic landscape which goes from the Pacific drift in the west, to the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the east and from the Redwood-Douglas-fir woods of the northwest, to the Mojave Desert territories in the southeast. With such differing qualities, winters (December to February) can be an incredible time to visit California. The mountains transform into a winter wonderland for skiers and snowboarders. The desert is wonderful, and temperatures are gentle and charming. California shorelines, in the same way as dependably, are vivacious and ideal for absorbing your body the sun.

Carmel Beach

The best part about this place is its coastline. The Carmel coastline is one of the most beautiful ones in all of California, it is said. When your feet sink into the soft sand, the splashing of wave’s echoes in your ears, there’s the emerald blue water to soak in and the smell of the sea hangs lightly in the air, you’ll know they didn’t lie. Not one bit.

How To Have An Action Packed Andaman Adventure

The Andaman Islands are one of the most exciting places to visit in India. Blessed with nature’s bounty, these islands boast of a wealth of animal life, supremely beautiful beaches, azure waters and dense forests. Here are some ways you can ensure your stay on these islands during your Andaman tour packages is absolutely action-packed:

Start snorkelling:

Snorkelling is a popular adventure activity in the Andamans as it allows you to see some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world and spot many rare and endangered types of coral as well. You can truly get a sense of the immense beauty of marine plant and animal life around the islands that lies hidden just off their scenic white sand beaches. Havelock Island has a number of places from where you can rent snorkelling gear – it’s not much, all you need are a mask and flippers and you’re good to go!

Try Trekking:


The dense rainforests of the Andamn islands lend themselves to some amazing trekking experiences. One of the best trekking trails that you can take here is the trail

Top Places in Pushkar Mostly Visited Visit

Pushkar is most beautiful place of Rajasthan. The Pushkar is also call as one of the holy place of Rajasthan. If you are planning a religious tour to Rajasthan don’t miss to visit these top 8 places of Pushkar Rajasthan tour packages.

Places must to be visited while you are in Pushkar:

Brahma Temple Tour :

  • Jagatpita Brahma Temple is one of the beautiful holy temples in Pushkar. The many Hindu religious places are situated in Pushkar Rajasthan. In the Indian northeast state Rajasthan is close to the holy Pushkar Lake to the legend has been an unforgettable place.
  • Entry Fee: No Fee
  • Opening and closing Hours:5:30am to 1:30pm
  • Other Opening and Closing Hours 3:00am to 9:00pm

Camel Safari Tour :

  • The Camel Safari tour to Rajasthan is most visited and attractive for the exciting venture and natural tour lovers. It is an exclusive way to travel around the deserts enjoys the camel safari tour.
  • Entry Fee: As per package
  • Opening and Closing Hours: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Pushkar Camel Fair Packages :

  • The Pushkar Camel Fair is most beautiful festival in which festival peoples are also come from the foreign countries. The locally “Pushkar Mela” is one of the annual celebration

Spend A Quality Time With Family And Friends By Staying In Peaceful Accommodations In Brands Hatch

Are you going for a vacation in Brands Hatch? Looking over internet for a wonderful accommodation? Have you found what you are looking for? Prior making any decisions, have look on a bed and breakfast accommodation in Brands Hatch.

There are many tourists who use alternative resources to discover information they were looking for, but many of them choose the web in order to explore the place. This take place as the internet you are able to discover trusted and real information very easily and you can also contrast the varied results and you can also discover out what people from all over the world have to say about the place.

For example, in case you would be looking for a location, all you need to do is type in the name of that place and you get many options. In case you are concerned in finding the accommodation choice at those locations, these can be very easy to find. For instance, if you are looking for accommodation in Brands Hatch where you can check into, the internet is where you will discover them.

Still it might not be the most famous holiday spot on

Stress Management Strategies for Travel Mishaps

Traveling, whether for vacation or business, can be a minefield of stress. Any number of unexpected events can affect your trip, from flight delays or cancellations to lost luggage and overwhelming security check-in lines at airports. And when things don’t go quite according to plan, travel stress can build up quickly and potentially keep you from enjoying your vacation as much as you’d hope to.

Stress management calls for some preparation and planning to keep you from feeling overwhelmed. If you are aware of what could go wrong while you’re traveling and have a backup plan for each scenario, you might not get quite so upset if a mishap does occur. You will also be better prepared to handle changes in your plans.

Here are some common travel issues and possible stress-relieving strategies for you to consider:

Delayed or Cancelled Flights

Problem: Especially if you have to make connecting flights, a delayed or cancelled flight can ruin a day or more of your trip if you aren’t prepared.

Stress Management Strategy: Before you leave home, program your airline’s reservations phone number into your

Protecting Yourself from Airplane Germs

Jumping on an airplane and jetting away can get you where you need to go fast, but in the close quarters of a jet cabin, you’ll be exposed to every cough and sneeze of your fellow passengers. To avoid arriving at your destination with symptoms of a cold or other illness, follow these tips to reduce your exposure to germs on the plane.

Pre-Plane Illness Prevention Strategies for the Frequent Flier

A healthy diet with lots of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables can boost your immune system and help you stay healthy during travel. There are also some herbal supplements that may help by easing symptoms of colds, shortening the length of time that you’re sick, or preventing symptoms of illness altogether. A product like Airborne, which claims to prevent colds, has itself not been proven effective, but some of the ingredients in Airborne have been studied and might help keep colds at bay. Some travelers swear by them, even though studies don’t appear to back them up. Popular remedies include:

  • Vitamin C. Studies are unclear about whether vitamin C can actually prevent colds, but getting extra vitamin C when you’re sick may help you feel

A Three Day Tour to the Ancient Towns around Shanghai

Ancient towns around Shanghai in the south of China have the most beautiful and simplest sceneries. Travelers can enjoy the ancient bridges, temples, former residence of celebrities, and lanes in the scenic areas without any transportation, leisurely and easily. It is not a long way from a town to another so that it will take just two or three days to travel these ancient towns around Shanghai, what’ more, with the useful tips on how to save money, travelers can spend the least money in visiting the most beautiful scenery.

Travel Budget

These ancient towns are the new attraction developments; therefore, most traveling money goes on entrance tickets, food and drink, and shopping. Transportation in these towns cost less because there are many available touring buses. Actually, the whole expense of a two-day trip is just about 139 yuan or a three-day trip 295 yuan.

Travel Schedule

  • Day 1: Jinze (Gold water) Town – Zhujiajiao Town
  • Day 2: Zhujiajiao Town – Liantang Town – Qiandeng (Thousands of Lights) Town
  • Day 3: Fengjing Town


  • Transportation and accommodation: 67
  • Food and entrance tickets: 20 yuan
  • Shopping and recreation: 34 yuan
  • Others: 16 yuan
  • Total:

Why Use a Travel Agent

Planning a trip today can be confusing and time consuming. A travel agent not only arranges the various modes of transportation, but a travel agent also may be able to save you money with early booking discounts, special fares, hotel deals and travel advisories. Don’t take our word for it. See what the president of Crystal Cruises has to say about using a travel agent..

Benefits of Using a Travel Agent

Save Money! – Strong working relationships with travel suppliers and the latest in computer reservations technology enable travel agents to access the most up-to-date information on how to get you the best value.

Traveler Advocates – Your best interests are the priority. ASTA (The American Society of Travel Agents) has a long-standing record of fighting for consumer rights and ASTA member travel agents are required to adhere to a strict Code of Ethics.

Convenience – The ASTA membership includes travel agents across the country and throughout the world, most of which offer one-stop shopping for all travel arrangements.

Service – ASTA member travel agents are knowledgeable and active in the industry. The Society provides education, training and resource materials to its members to equip them with the

How to Stay Healthy on a Road Trip

Road trip! Two words that can either lift your spirits in anticipation of your upcoming travel plans or give you a sinking feeling of dread. With a few easy strategies in place, though, any road trip can be fun and even healthy — and something you’ll want to do again. Read on to learn how you can manage to eat well, stay comfortable, and arrive at your destination feeling energized and refreshed.

Eating Healthy

Thoughts of eating “on the road” typically call to mind images of vending machines and fast food. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Here are better ways to eat while you’re traveling by car or bus:

  • Brown-bag it. Packing your own food is a great way to eat well while you travel. “Pack drinks and snacks in the car with you,” says Heidi Reichenberger McIndoo, MS, RD, a nutrition consultant based in Boston, Massachusetts. “Great items to bring on a car trips include plain water, enhanced flavored waters like vitamin water, dried fruit, fresh fruit like apples and bananas, cheese sticks, and nuts.” Be sure to wash any produce thoroughly before you leave, and bring a cooler to

Packing Tips for Your Carry On Bag

Whether you’re planning to take just a carry-on bag to save on checked luggage fees or simply know the value of having essentials in your possession at all times, packing tips will help you make the most of this important piece of luggage.

Think of your carry-on bag as your healthy travel survival kit — at the very least, you’ll want it to include items that you couldn’t do without, should any checked luggage get sent to the wrong destination. That said, use these packing tips to know what to pack and make the most of this limited space.

Check Airline and TSA Regulations

Start by finding out the size limitations placed on your carry-on bag. Every major airline lists this information on its Web site. The last thing you want is to have your carry-on bag taken away from you and checked when you reach your gate. Remember that you can also have one other personal item, such as a purse, laptop bag, camera case, or backpack — giving you a little more carry-on space.

Next, get the latest carry-on restrictions from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) so you know what can’t

How to Plan a Shanghai Tour

Shanghai is a modern city with a highly-developed business sector and convenient transportation. If you are planning a tour of Shanghai, read on to get the best from your time, and some tips on planning the itinerary.

When to Go

The Best Times: March–May, September–November

These two periods have moderate temperatures, and are best for enjoying outdoor activities.

Summer — Rainy, Becoming Hotter

Mid June to early July is the rainiest period in Shanghai. Prepare rain gear if you travel during this period.

The hottest time in Shanghai is from July to August. The temperature can be up to 35°C (95°F).

Winter — Cold and Damp

Though it seldom snows, the cold and wet wind will make you feel freezing.

Inconvenient and High-Price Periods

Chinese New Year (usually in January or February) and the week-long holidays beginning on International Labor Day (May 1) and National Day (Oct 1). Be prepared for huge crowds at the airports, tourist sights, shopping areas, restaurants, and hotels during these periods.

What to Visit

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is the

Destination Weddings

Congratulations! You’re getting married! Over the next year you will be making a million decisions about your wedding and honeymoon, and hopefully the process will be as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. One choice that many couples are making nowadays is foregoing the traditional idea of a wedding – a local ceremony in front of 300 family, friends and random strangers – for an intimate destination wedding.

A destination wedding, labeled by some as a “wedding moon,” combines the wedding, reception and honeymoon together in one location. The destination wedding is held at a desirable site, sometimes tropical, other times exotic, allowing the guests to enjoy a relaxing, activity-filled vacation while spending more quality time with the wedding couple. The couple invites only their nearest and dearest to celebrate the union. All events occur over a long weekend, along with other wedding activities designed to bring the revelers together.

If it’s hard to imagine what a destination wedding is like, picture this: you and your partner are in a warm, tropical setting, surrounded by friends and family toasting your success. The sounds of music and ocean waves peacefully blend together in the background, and a feast

See Hangzhou or Yiwu from Shanghai by Bullet Train

It is now possible to do quick side trips on the G class trains to Hangzhou and/orYiwu from Shanghai. So for people touring or doing business in Shanghai, they can also take a quick business or wholesale shopping trip to Yiwu and a trip to Hangzhou for natural scenery and recreation. Here is how to go on a short trip to Yiwu and/or Hangzhou from Shanghai.

Why Go to Hangzhou

Hangzhou is known for recreation, biking, scenic walks, and nature at West Lake and fine dining. Hangzhou is attracting a lot more foreign attention recently, and it has long been an attraction for Chinese for the beautiful landscape and clean environment. Shanghai people especially enjoy a vacation or weekend as a break from hectic Shanghai. For a break or treat during your Shanghai trip, you might want to go there.

Read about How to Plan a Tour of Hangzhou.

Why Go to Yiwu

Yiwu International Trade City Section 1

Yiwu has become the great place to shop for low prices in China. You can generally get the best low wholesale prices for regular consumer products in Yiwu. It is so